Tips to Follow for Making Your Own Clothes

When you want to create your own fashion and make your own clothing, there are a few tips that you should follow to make the process easier. The inspiration and design may be there, but making clothing is not easy, and you need to do it the right way, so that get exactly what you want. Following these simple tips can help you do that.

Your Sewing Machine

It is likely that the most important thing you will use when making your own clothing is your sewing machine. Because of this it makes sense to have your sewing machine be in tip-top shape. You are making clothing for yourself and need your tools to be the best they can be and treat your sewing machine right and have it ready for the job.

A few things you can do to ensure this is to give it some oil, make sure the needles you will use are sharp ones, and remove the bobbin case to get out all of the fluff from the previous fabric. A “well-oiled machine”, pardon the pun, when it comes to your sewing machine is key when making your own clothes.

Stay Sharp

You will need a solid pair of fabric scissors, and while there are a lot out there the ole-adage goes, you get what you pay for. Have a nice pair and, just like your sewing machine, take care of them. Before you start any craft job that involves fabric, take time to sharpen your fabric scissors with a sharpening tool as it will make your cuts closer and your measurements easier.

Use a Good Thread

When making clothing, you have tons of options when it comes to thread. The best one to use is a very strong one in one that will not break just by using your fingers. The better the thread, the less likely it is that your clothes will not fall apart with the rigours of wear and washing them. If you plan on sewing your clothes by hand than it is a good idea to use waxed thread. A wax thread will not only make it stronger but also will also decrease the chance of knotting. You can use tailors wax for this and also plain candle wax.

Use the Iron Often

You have to iron the clothing you are making often to make sure of the right fit. You need to press your garment accurately and by doing this, the sewing process will be easier. Make sure that the iron that you use has a decent steam function to aid in getting the clothing more pressed, which will, again, make the sewing process easier.

Try It On!

When you are making your own clothing, you are your own mannequin. Try on the clothing often when creating it to make sure the size will be just right for you. You need to do this at every step of the process, and by doing so, you will have more of a chance that the finished product will fit. On the other side of the coin not doing this can make refitting very difficult.

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