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Top 14 most famous fashion brands in the world (Part 3)


Giorgio Armani is an Italian fashion designer who has “taught” to the world what “Fashion elegance is not about you being noticed by others, but how they remember you”. Giorgio with his colleague Segio Galeotti founded the Armani brand in 1975, and in 2001 he became the world’s best designer from the Italian fashion capital. Armani is one of the most powerful luxury fashion brands in the world, and there are many Armani affiliated companies like Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans, Armani Exchange, Armani Collezioni and Casa to cover every different needs of the fashion market segments.


Fendi was founded by Adele Casagrande in Rome in 1918. This brand is known for its high-end fashion accessories, perfumes and clothing. In addition, Frendi is also famous for fur designs that apply innovative techniques to light yet modern clothes.


Founded in 1966 by Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro, Bottega Veneta, the birthplace of the legendary Knot clutch, emerges in the fashion skies as a star of traditional Italian Intrecciato. . With a treasure trove of treasured heritage of unmatched leather craftsmanship, creativity in design and superb quality, this is one of the few brands that doesn’t need a flashy logo. bags can still make people proud to own.

13. Givenchy

Founder Hubert de Givenchy is French of Italian origin, born in 1927. At the age of 17, Givenchy left his hometown of Beauvais to Paris and studied at the École des Beaux-Arts school. During the post-WWII period, Givenchy worked for famous fashion houses such as Jacques Fath (1945), Robert Piguet and Lucien Lelong (1946). In 1950, he became the first aide to Elsa Schiaparelli and was appointed creative director. In 1952, Givenchy established its own brand in Plaine Monceau, Paris. He was considered the youngest talent in the new fashion village of Paris at that time.

Appearing as a “little prince” in the heart of magnificent Paris, where French fashion has strongly revived after the gloomy world war, Givenchy stands out with its modern, elegant and feminine features. featured. The young man Hubert de Givenchy designs are the grace, cherish and honor of the lovely beauty of women.

14. Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent is one of the leading names in the French fashion industry in the twentieth century, the brand Yves Saint Laurent represents the fashion mindset of the ’60s, with strong impact and influence until the time.

Designer Yves Saint Laurent’s fashion inspiration comes from designer Yves Saint Laurent’s academic passion.

Above are 14 most luxurious fashion brands in the world. If you see any fashion brands that deserve to appear in this list, please comment below to supplement the full article! Thanks all!

Information about fashion designer Christian Dior

Dior is not only a giant of modern fashion, but it also has an extremely rich history and timeless designs. From the early days of its founding in Paris to expanding and stabilizing its global market, the brand has never stopped captivating fashion lovers by taking an innovative approach to fashion collections.

From Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and now John Galliano, the brand has never lacked talent. When hearing the name Dior, they will immediately think of the brand of luxury and high fashion.

Christian Dior is a famous French designer and founder of the expensive Dior brand. Christian Dior was born on January 21, 1905 in the town of Granville on the Normandy coast, France. He was the son of a fertilizer manufacturer. He moved with his family to Paris at the age of 5.

Although his parents wanted him to be a diplomat, Dior fell in love with art and began selling sketches on the street to make ends meet. Upon leaving school, Dior took over a small art gallery, where he and a friend sold works by artists, including Pablo Picasso.

After the crisis of 1929, the death of both his mother and brother and the collapse of his father’s business, Dior was forced to close the gallery. He then worked with fashion designer Robert Piguet until he was called up to serve in military service in 1940.

After fulfilling his duties in 1942, he began working for designer Lucien Long, where he and Pierre Balmain were the main designers.

At the same time, Dior’s younger sister, Catherine, joined the French Resistance, leading to her arrest and imprisonment in the Ravensbrück concentration camp. She survived and was released in 1945. In 1947, Dior named her first perfume bottle Miss Dior as a tribute to her sister.

He founded the Christian Dior brand on December 16, 1946 at 30 Avenue Montaigne, Paris, the brand originally backed by Marcel Boussac – the cotton tycoon. Dior officially launched the brand in 1947 when performing his first collection.

On 12/02/1947, Dior introduced the first collection of 90 different costumes. Costumes called “Corolle” and “Huit” were quickly named “New Look” – a phrase coined by Carmel Snow editor of U.S. magazine Harper’s Bazaar for Dior outfits. His collection is controversial because of the elegance of its designs against the difficult postwar realities of Europe.

The brand is flooded with orders and world-famous stars like Rita Hayworth and Margot Fonteyn have favored it, thereby greatly enhancing Dior’s position. Dior was even invited to perform his own collection for the British royal family – although King George V had banned the princesses Elizabeth and Margaret from wearing New Look costumes at a time when the limited rations were still in effect.