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How Fashion Of Female K-Pop Stars In MV In The Year 2019 Will Be Like?

In 2019, according to many predictions the female K-Pop stars will change the image more modern personality, combined with the many international fashion brands.

Black Pink is the most popular girl music band in South Korea. In addition to the music, the girls also impressed with gout dress different. In 2018, the group was impressed with the young MV Ddu Ddu Ddu glamorous personality traits are blended nicely. The outfits in the music product match the character and image of each member, convey a message about the power of women’s rights, the modern woman.

Thoi trang cac sao nu K-Pop trong MV nam 2019 se nhu the nao? hinh anh 1

As many predicted, the year 2019 the girls of YG family will take image orientation in general, for each theme in the music products. They can be like 2NE1 style building in Falling In Love. Each outfit comes from the famous brand, but still showing the uniform through the mix and match.

Opened in 2018, the other with audience attention in MV Heroine. She brings a charming, youthful image through unique musical thinking of the same dramatic fashion. Sunmi has promoted animal motifs trends along with the sexy cut-out in shape in the year 2018. In addition, the beautiful people also impressed with these eye catching costume color scheme on each frame.

Thoi trang cac sao nu K-Pop trong MV nam 2019 se nhu the nao? hinh anh 3

In 2019, Sunmi still pursues the image of a charming woman, but expressed more feminist substance. The reason comes from the singer became the representative face of Dior in the Korean market. The image of beautiful people will come closer to the public and the French brand’s costumes are sure to appear more in the music products.

Thoi trang cac sao nu K-Pop trong MV nam 2019 se nhu the nao? hinh anh 4

Back to the ring of K-Pop 2018, Oh!GG (former member of SNSD) to impress the public by MV Lil ‘Touch brings the tune caught the ear of the other, strange. The style of music products also expresses the mature, sexy looks of each member. According to the share of the group, Lil ‘ Touch is full of exquisite fashion statement of each member. In 2019, the girls will still assert individuality through the gout mix and match. According to the much anticipated, Oh!GG will geared to a more powerful image with menswear stylish, blended the exquisite and sensual.

Thoi trang cac sao nu K-Pop trong MV nam 2019 se nhu the nao? hinh anh 5

In the year 2018, Red Velvet was back with the MV Bad Boy fill looks personality, fascinating. This was viewed as the product of music marked the makeover of the members, with the iconic glamor and daring. Throughout the Bad Boy is the appearance of many designer shorts, crop-top coat, leather leggings. In the year 2019, the members will continue to pursue the iconic glamor and daring, let go of the original feminine. Dress of each member still carrying the general color, according to the theme of the music, but will use more international brand.

Thoi trang cac sao nu K-Pop trong MV nam 2019 se nhu the nao? hinh anh 6

In 2018, the MV YES or YES marked the change of Twice, through stylish, colorful personality. The year 2019, with the careful investment of JYP, many people predict that Twice will pursue the fashionable female group images, in these dresses for tall fit preferences, tastes of the audience. The design also came from the prestigious fashion houses such as Versace, Prada, Moschino…