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Advertising Makes People Puzzled: Sunglasses Or Bikini?

Nova, a professional fashion brand for the youth, from the USA has created an ebullient debate between those who use the Internet by posting image to advertise their new products.

It is known that the products which this budget brand intends to advertise is the “matrix” style sunglasses. This has been a big fish in a little pond all over the world during the past year. However, the expression of Nova makes people puzzled. Because everyone doesn’t know that this brand is selling sunglasses or selling… bikini?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Isabel Howard

Isabel Howard is the name of the beautiful model who has nearly 1 million fans on Instagram. She was Nova hired to make an advertisement album. With the face is makeup thoroughly, a light chignon and the eye wearing glasses with small size following the newest trend. Along with the gently emotion and lovely Isabel, this is definitely the thing that a lot of ladies are secretly admire.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Isabel Howard

However, the attention of users is not focusing in products with the flatulent name called “Growl Power Sunglasses” that Nova defined to introduce. Instead of that, all eyes are directing toward the hot body of Isabel Howard with a slim-waisted and soaring curved round 3 when this female model wears a blazing red bikini with the pants not only tiny but also high splitting.

Quảng cáo khiến dân tình hoang mang: Kính râm hay bikini? - 2

In just over 12 hours, the Nova’s post had attracted a hundred of thousands comments. Many social network users have left comments in an effervescent way with this advertising photo, the only thing is that vibrant does not for the trendy sunglasses. Some people comment like below:

– “I want to look at all, except for pairs of sunglasses”.

– “Just forget the glasses, I just want to buy the bikini”.

– “Do you sell… your round 3?”

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It seems like that after this problem, Nova must review the way they use media to advertise their products if they are really serious with fashion products that they intend to present to users all over the world.