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How to Make a Collage Picture Frame

A collage picture frame is a fun and unique idea to frame pictures or photos and making one can be fun for you and your kids. One of the nice things about this arts and crafts project is that it is very inexpensive to make and you can often complete the project with things you already have in your home. You can create a unique piece of art making the frame how you want, and as a project, it is a great one for kids. When doing the project with children make sure to have some cleaning products handy, especially since you will be using glue.

Things needed to make a Collage Picture Frame

• A pencil
• Thick cardboard
• A picture to frame
• String (wool string works well)
• Paint and materials for the collage such as beads or buttons
• A Stapler

Putting the Material Together

Now that you have got the materials you are ready to go! First cut the cardboard to the size you want the frame and then draw around the picture that you want to frame. Once you have the size, you will need a frame and to make the outline simply turn the cardboard over, cut some string making a loop then staple the string to the upper middle part of the cardboard in order to hang on the wall. Make sure the string is attached firmly to avoid it falling off the wall, and it can be a good idea to use stronger tape to reinforce the string.

Turn the cardboard back over and decorate the border and you can use many things such as beads, buttons, magazine clippings, small pebbles, and glitter. The possibilities are endless in decorating the outside of the frame. While glue works well for things such as beads, buttons, and pebbles while for things such as magazine clippings or other paper items, stick glue can be a better option. Before gluing anything on, you can also paint the border of the frame any colour you want. Now simply place the picture in the frame, and it is ready to go up on the wall.

Creating a Collage is a Fun Family Activity

Creating a collage picture frame is not only fun for adults, but a great arts and craft activity for kids as well. Fir younger children one very popular to decorate a frame is to use pasta. Even toddlers can do this, and it can be fun for them as well as the adults. You have to closely supervise the use of the glue while the kids are working, but allowing them to do this on their own helps to improve their motor skills with gluing the pasta on the frame in whatever decoration they want. For older children, the use of mosaic techniques can be a popular choice. No matter how old the child is making a collage picture frame, it is a great craft idea, and they can make great gifts as well as look nice in a kid’s room. There are so many different options when making a collage picture frame, as the sky is the limit in what you want it to look like and the things you can use to decorate the frame.