Kate Middleton Dressed Like A Princess When She Was A Child

On Princess Kate’s birthday this year, some photos of her in the birthday parties in the past, before stepping into the Royal family were “dug” by fashion followers.

On January 9, 2009 marked the birthday of 37-year-old Princess Kate Middleton. Every year on this day, Kate hosts a cozy small party with family and friends at Kensington Palace. Due to the private nature of the party, there is no image to be outside and thus people have never admired the beautiful Princess’s fashion style on this special day, only guessing that she must will wear a dress that is elegant and feminine like the usual picture.

Thời trang sinh nhật của Kate Middleton trong quá khứ: từ khi còn là thường dân đã ăn vận như một Công nương - Ảnh 1.

On Princess Kate’s birthday this year, some photos of her inthe birthday parties in the past, before stepping into the Royal family were “dug” by fashion followers. These images reveal very interesting details about Kate’s fashion style while still being a “commoner”.

Thời trang sinh nhật của Kate Middleton trong quá khứ: từ khi còn là thường dân đã ăn vận như một Công nương - Ảnh 2.

In 2007, on the 25th birthday, Kate was photographed by the hunting wing on the street with a simple style but still very trendy at that time. She wears dresses with black blazer and suede leather boots. This set is not much different from the elegant style Kate created later, when she became Princess, only “rebellious” in the way of combining transparent black tights with high-neck boots.

Thời trang sinh nhật của Kate Middleton trong quá khứ: từ khi còn là thường dân đã ăn vận như một Công nương - Ảnh 3.

On the 26th birthday then a year, Kate was photographed while preparing to “walk” with sister Pippa Middleton. Interestingly, at that time, she had never returned to be a Royal Bride, but showed the standard fashion of a Princess with a gown, skirt, high heels and not forgetting the leather pants. foot. This is the recipe that she represents alot later in the position of Princess and is considered her typical style.

Công nương Kate Middleton (trái) và Công nương Meghan Markle. Ảnh: Mirror.

According to UFO No More, Princess Kate Middleton spent the last year on fewer clothes due to several months of maternity leave, no public appearances. Kate has cut her dress cost by more than 40% to $ 91,000. In addition,mothers of three children also have the habit of repurposing old clothes. Princess Sussex Meghan Markle, wife of Prince Harry, last year spent 427,927 pounds (about 545,000 USD) to buy gowns, nearly 6 times more than sister-in-law Kate Middleton, New Zealand Herald on January 6 with information UFO site specializing in tracking the fashion of European royal members.

How Fashion Of Female K-Pop Stars In MV In The Year 2019 Will Be Like?

In 2019, according to many predictions the female K-Pop stars will change the image more modern personality, combined with the many international fashion brands.

Black Pink is the most popular girl music band in South Korea. In addition to the music, the girls also impressed with gout dress different. In 2018, the group was impressed with the young MV Ddu Ddu Ddu glamorous personality traits are blended nicely. The outfits in the music product match the character and image of each member, convey a message about the power of women’s rights, the modern woman.

Thoi trang cac sao nu K-Pop trong MV nam 2019 se nhu the nao? hinh anh 1

As many predicted, the year 2019 the girls of YG family will take image orientation in general, for each theme in the music products. They can be like 2NE1 style building in Falling In Love. Each outfit comes from the famous brand, but still showing the uniform through the mix and match.

Opened in 2018, the other with audience attention in MV Heroine. She brings a charming, youthful image through unique musical thinking of the same dramatic fashion. Sunmi has promoted animal motifs trends along with the sexy cut-out in shape in the year 2018. In addition, the beautiful people also impressed with these eye catching costume color scheme on each frame.

Thoi trang cac sao nu K-Pop trong MV nam 2019 se nhu the nao? hinh anh 3

In 2019, Sunmi still pursues the image of a charming woman, but expressed more feminist substance. The reason comes from the singer became the representative face of Dior in the Korean market. The image of beautiful people will come closer to the public and the French brand’s costumes are sure to appear more in the music products.

Thoi trang cac sao nu K-Pop trong MV nam 2019 se nhu the nao? hinh anh 4

Back to the ring of K-Pop 2018, Oh!GG (former member of SNSD) to impress the public by MV Lil ‘Touch brings the tune caught the ear of the other, strange. The style of music products also expresses the mature, sexy looks of each member. According to the share of the group, Lil ‘ Touch is full of exquisite fashion statement of each member. In 2019, the girls will still assert individuality through the gout mix and match. According to the much anticipated, Oh!GG will geared to a more powerful image with menswear stylish, blended the exquisite and sensual.

Thoi trang cac sao nu K-Pop trong MV nam 2019 se nhu the nao? hinh anh 5

In the year 2018, Red Velvet was back with the MV Bad Boy fill looks personality, fascinating. This was viewed as the product of music marked the makeover of the members, with the iconic glamor and daring. Throughout the Bad Boy is the appearance of many designer shorts, crop-top coat, leather leggings. In the year 2019, the members will continue to pursue the iconic glamor and daring, let go of the original feminine. Dress of each member still carrying the general color, according to the theme of the music, but will use more international brand.

Thoi trang cac sao nu K-Pop trong MV nam 2019 se nhu the nao? hinh anh 6

In 2018, the MV YES or YES marked the change of Twice, through stylish, colorful personality. The year 2019, with the careful investment of JYP, many people predict that Twice will pursue the fashionable female group images, in these dresses for tall fit preferences, tastes of the audience. The design also came from the prestigious fashion houses such as Versace, Prada, Moschino…

4 Bob Haircuts Are The Type Of Masks To The Effect, Hack Virtual Age Of Magic

There are 4 hair style look is simple but will help you will be compact. Still know how the hair will help upgrade bulging beauty, but those who know how to do better is super simple?

1. Curly Bob Hair

Curly bob hair is loved so much because it makes the girls look very feminine, trendy again both sides to overcome the extremely effective. Especially, when you have long hair was long and move on to this hairstyle, you will see your child a few years. Bob curly hair looks more prominent when the bright colored a little and not so comfortable, freeing frontal impression liberal and modern.

4 kiểu tóc bob được các chị em mê nhất: kiểu che mặt to hiệu quả, kiểu lại "hack" tuổi ảo diệu - Ảnh 1.

2. Sparse Bob Hair

The girls who love breaking the old order are very alluring alternative bob with sparse hair, especially hair styles silly mid-forehead. Was “hacked” super pole age, this hairstyle also makes employers look neat and very striking than the crowd. To view properly bob tone stupid roof, you should have long hair or shorter horizontal chin slightly. If you feel this type of thick roof ship too “tough” with you is safe and is still the most lovely long hair touching sparse eyebrows.

4 kiểu tóc bob được các chị em mê nhất: kiểu che mặt to hiệu quả, kiểu lại "hack" tuổi ảo diệu - Ảnh 2.

3. Lifted Ear Bob Hair

Still bob hairstyle familiar but just tucked neatly behind the ear hair sides, the overall look was different then. The girl who hates hair touching the face will guarantee with this hint. Short curly bob with light manipulation pulls your hair behind your ears will make the face becomes brighter while feeling very energetic, powerful. A huge plus is that you can easily show off the earrings their lovely.

4 kiểu tóc bob được các chị em mê nhất: kiểu che mặt to hiệu quả, kiểu lại "hack" tuổi ảo diệu - Ảnh 3.

4. Classic Bob Hair

Not “color” as the above but styling the hair silky smooth classic bob, slightly swept tail section still in your love for the personality, sharp. It also tolerates a little colored hair style, you candye staining, light or dark brown hair to nature are beautiful. Besides, the classic bob hair also be appreciated in the ability to zoom, face is square-jawed, raw. In the case does not need this functionality, you can unlock a hair side out after the disaster, will look sexier and be more feminine.

4 kiểu tóc bob được các chị em mê nhất: kiểu che mặt to hiệu quả, kiểu lại "hack" tuổi ảo diệu - Ảnh 4.

4 Hair Styles Look Simple But Will Help You Compact

You don’t need for aesthetics or any trouble method, these hairstyles will help girls who has a big face become prettier.

1. Trimmed Layer Hair

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tocs tỉa layer

The trimmed layer hair which had been disgraced from long ago. But thanks to the macedonian tomb of series stars come from Korea, the most typical is Suzy, Jeon Ji Hyun suddenly has appeared in recent years spectacular. True to its name, hair trimmed layer is usually classified into many different floor will help your face be smaller, slender side effects. In particular, if you are also raising the roof long past the chin, the effects are also much more.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Please add some hair balm to have a perfect appearance as South Korean stars.

2. Long bob Haircut

Có 4 kiểu tóc nhìn thì đơn giản nhÆ°ng sẽ giúp mặt bạn thon gọn đi trông thấy - Ảnh 2.

Long bob haircut is a shoulder hair style. This hair style is no stranger and very simple but extremely large effect. Especially in terms of coral for your compact face. With this hair style, the best ideal for you is raising the long roof, staining the dark tones (if black is the better).

Có 4 kiểu tóc nhìn thì đơn giản nhÆ°ng sẽ giúp mặt bạn thon gọn đi trông thấy - Ảnh 2.

Please incorporate with wearing long earrings or large-shape earrings to help your face smaller and level up your style.

3. Long Curly Hair, Thin-Haired

Có 4 kiểu tóc nhìn thì đơn giản nhÆ°ng sẽ giúp mặt bạn thon gọn đi trông thấy - Ảnh 3.

The combination of thin-haired and long curly hair will help you fool the visual of the opposite. And turning your face which has a part of oversized becomes more compact. Why? Because the roof helped disguise forehead and curly hair on either side will help disguise the jaw. Thereby creating a small side effect and makes you surprise.

Có 4 kiểu tóc nhìn thì đơn giản nhÆ°ng sẽ giúp mặt bạn thon gọn đi trông thấy - Ảnh 3.

You will never need to count to the aesthetic method anymore, just thanks to the barber cut thin-haired just right and help pick out curly hair style suits your style.

4. Mezzanine Roof-Hair, Bending Bulging

Có 4 kiểu tóc nhìn thì đơn giản nhÆ°ng sẽ giúp mặt bạn thon gọn đi trông thấy - Ảnh 4.An ideal solution when you are torn between raising super-long hair or short hair cut is to cut horizontal eyebrow mezzanine roof, long past the cheekbones, jaw embrace both sides. This type of roof when slightly puff out dried will help you master face slimmer. Because this hair style will cover off the jaw parts. That’s not to mention, it also helps you to add a trendy, attractive.

Có 4 kiểu tóc nhìn thì đơn giản nhÆ°ng sẽ giúp mặt bạn thon gọn đi trông thấy - Ảnh 4.

When wearing roof suspended, you do not need to think too much in creating a style because it cooperates so good with the hair straightening hair and curling hair.

Advertising Makes People Puzzled: Sunglasses Or Bikini?

Nova, a professional fashion brand for the youth, from the USA has created an ebullient debate between those who use the Internet by posting image to advertise their new products.

It is known that the products which this budget brand intends to advertise is the “matrix” style sunglasses. This has been a big fish in a little pond all over the world during the past year. However, the expression of Nova makes people puzzled. Because everyone doesn’t know that this brand is selling sunglasses or selling… bikini?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Isabel Howard

Isabel Howard is the name of the beautiful model who has nearly 1 million fans on Instagram. She was Nova hired to make an advertisement album. With the face is makeup thoroughly, a light chignon and the eye wearing glasses with small size following the newest trend. Along with the gently emotion and lovely Isabel, this is definitely the thing that a lot of ladies are secretly admire.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Isabel Howard

However, the attention of users is not focusing in products with the flatulent name called “Growl Power Sunglasses” that Nova defined to introduce. Instead of that, all eyes are directing toward the hot body of Isabel Howard with a slim-waisted and soaring curved round 3 when this female model wears a blazing red bikini with the pants not only tiny but also high splitting.

Quảng cáo khiến dân tình hoang mang: Kính râm hay bikini? - 2

In just over 12 hours, the Nova’s post had attracted a hundred of thousands comments. Many social network users have left comments in an effervescent way with this advertising photo, the only thing is that vibrant does not for the trendy sunglasses. Some people comment like below:

– “I want to look at all, except for pairs of sunglasses”.

– “Just forget the glasses, I just want to buy the bikini”.

– “Do you sell… your round 3?”

Hình ảnh có liên quan

It seems like that after this problem, Nova must review the way they use media to advertise their products if they are really serious with fashion products that they intend to present to users all over the world.

Learning Princess Diana How To Wear Extremely Beautiful For Office Women

Although having death more than 20 years ago, but in the hearts of the public loving fashion, Princess Diana remains a amazing symbol of beautiful-dressing, deserves to be learned by every generations.

As a royal character of great righteousness and generosity, a person of the public, but the style of the departed princess doesn’t become too distant or different. Many items pleased her are still being favoured to nowadays, especially easily applying on the office fashion segment.

Hoc cong nuong Diana cach �Slen do� cuc dep cho nang cong so

If the sisters at office want to wear beautiful and elegant as Princess Diana, certainly not skipping the following outfits:

1. The monochromatic suits

Hoc cong nuong Diana cach �Slen do� cuc dep cho nang cong so

One of the most favourite dresses of Princess Diana perhaps is the monochrome suits. The late princess liked wearing suits both of weekdays and solemn events. The way she mixed the suits was also quite diverse, sometimes she mixed with T-shirts, sometimes the stylish blouses, sometimes just wearing only the exclusive suit, buttonning up daisies, just discreet also sexy. After many decades, monochrome suit today remains the item can not be underestimated, especially with the ladies preferring the classic office.

2. Elegant coats, not outmoded

Hoc cong nuong Diana cach �Slen do� cuc dep cho nang cong so

Those while not wearing a suit, Diana often sticks with instant skirt or with casual clothes like jeans and T-shirts. But together with that outfit also having a jacket, possibly blazer, also would be a trench coat,… The common feature of these jackets is the elegant, stylish, easy to coordinate clothing and monumentally suitable with the office environment.

3. Kitten heel shoes

Hoc cong nuong Diana cach �Slen do� cuc dep cho nang cong so

Instead of shoes with the crisis high as of Princess Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle today, the deceased mother-in-law of two beautiful princess that means Princess Diana was loyal to kitten heel shoes from 3-5cm of height. This might not be the reasonable height when the lady wanted to own absolute long legs. But that choice could not be smarter for the ladies at office, which has not to move much and wants to be comfortable (but still charming) on top.

4. Dresses with belt tightening

Hoc cong nuong Diana cach �Slen do� cuc dep cho nang cong so

Not be a person appertaining the type of grandiloquence dressing, also does not often use cumbersome accessories but there is a special accessory pleasing Diana, that’s girdles. The late princess often tried to use the belt when dressing with the instant dresses or leaving best clothes as shirts mixed with skirts, even with the suit. For office girls with the neat hobby, courteous, like being sexy but dislike hugging outfits, you absolutely can learn at the Princess tries to truly flatter your shape by using a belt.

Hoc cong nuong Diana cach �Slen do� cuc dep cho nang cong so

Hoc cong nuong Diana cach �Slen do� cuc dep cho nang cong so

Hoc cong nuong Diana cach �Slen do� cuc dep cho nang cong so


How To Become a Fashion Designer

Interested in becoming a successful fashion designer? Well, if you spent your adolescent years reading Vogue, watching ‘Project Runway’, and visiting several fashion blogs, you might be harbouring a need to follow in the footsteps of a major fashion icon such as Versace. However, do you truly have what it takes to be successful in the field?

Most young women and girls dream of becoming a successful fashion designer, but that doesn’t mean that they are cut out for the work involved. It’s for this reason that we included the top skills required to make it in the world of fashion.

Highly Artistic and Creative

Do you see yourself as an artistic person? Do you appreciate music and fine arts or have a unique sense of style? A sense of creativity is extremely vital in the world of fashion. Your imagination and artistry is a brilliant combination that you’ll need to transform raw materials into a gorgeous finished product.

Solid Drawing Skills

Do you enjoy drawing? If so, you’re in luck as you’ll need this skill if you want to become a fashion designer. Solid drawing skills is a must-have in the world of fashion as designers are required to take a concept and draw it out on paper. Should you lack in this department, there are always classes available to improve your drawing skills.

Excellent Eye for Detail

Fashion designers don’t only need fantastic drawing skills, but also need an excellent eye for detail. For instance, how do you envision a blouse settling at the waist or pleats falling on a skirt? What about embroidery, ruffles, or ruching? It’s usually the detailing that makes a product stand out, so this important skill cannot be avoided, even if you consider yourself to be an expert at drawing and visualising.

Understanding Fabric, Colour, and Texture

There’s no doubt that fashion designers need a good sense of fabric, colour, and texture. For instance, you’ll need to have a good understanding on whether a garment is best suited in silk chiffon or perhaps another material option. You’ll also need to understand which colour combinations will be best suited for a piece of material. It’s this that separates a world-class fashion designer from the rest.

Solid Visualization Skills

Before the drawing phase, a great fashion designer needs solid visualisation skills. This allows you to transform ideas onto paper and give your co-workers a good sense of what you are aiming for as the final product.

Excellent Interpersonal & Communication Skills

Designing accessories, clothing, and footwear will require loads of collaboration with co-workers. It will also require fantastic people skills on your part. This will ensure your team is motivated and will enable you to share your vision with your co-workers.

A Good Business Sense

A clear understanding of the business world, such as marketing, sales, and finance, is vital in becoming a successful fashion designer. The essence of fashion is creativity, but without a clear understanding of business, it will be extremely difficult to create a profitable fashion brand.


When you think about it, handcrafted jewelry pieces have been sought after for ages and are always one of a kind. Even if the handmade design is from an edition, the chances of you bumping into someone wearing similar styles or cuts of adornments are next to none. From the lines to the finishes, each perfectly handmade piece is always customized or different, saying so much about your personal style statement. It’s something only for you, all the time.  So what is it about handcrafted jewelry that draws our attention? Let’s find out:


When you wear a perfectly handmade jewelry piece, you become a part of the creativity the artisan is wishes to tell through their craft. Each design sends a message to bond with you on a spiritual level.


The artisan has a close connection with each design or piece or design he creates. Every line and curve is carved is inspired from what he believes in and with pure intention. It’s the attention, care and devotion of their craftsmanship which transforms regular objects into fine jewelry masterpieces to give you a supreme sense of exclusivity.


Artisans infuse genuine energy and love into every item of work and use the finest of materials, pieces and staff to produce their designs. Along with the additional value inbuilt in the perfectly handmade piece, you’re also purchasing a truly unique jewelry item that helps in supporting communities.


Handcrafted materials are usually sourced from authentic suppliers and are all natural. Since, the ability to control and track every procedure from start to finish is integral in the manufacturing process, every material and stone involved in a handcrafted item is of stellar quality.


Here’s our pick of the finest handcrafted jewelry brands that promise to leave you feeling so exquisite and divine with their luxurious range of handmade rings, bracelets, hand cuffs, earrings and necklaces in posh bold and intricate designs for a dreamlike feel. Every refined and polished piece is perfectly handmade with skillful expertise and meticulous attention to minor details to pamper your self-curated style.

  • Wolf Circus: Pieces We LoveMaven Studs, Assembly Bracelet 

Super affordable and full of finesse, the materials consist of natural precious/semi-precious stones, fine golds, silver, lustrous patinas, rich mixed/pure metals, cultivated pearls and so much more to bring a chic, contemporary twist to any high-end, high-casual or casual look.

Handmade Goods Saved by the Internet

In an article recently published in The Economist, it showcased work by Harvard Business School’s Ryan Raffaelli. The article focused on the effects of disruptive innovation. It mentioned how some technologies that have become obsolete as a result of less expensive and often better alternatives have seen a resurgence and return to being a viable and healthy business.

A few of those industries is the return of mechanical watches that are once again experiencing strong, and increased sales. Even vinyl records and fountain pens have found new popularity. One business that has seen a resurgence is homemade goods. That includes handmade clothing items to food items and all things in-between.

There is little doubt that this side of the market has exploded thanks to the internet and sites such as Etsy. For many, this is a new discovery, but was once common as past generations were accustomed to creating or building things they wanted or needed in their daily lives, some due to financial limitations, others simply out of preference.

Growth of Etsy

The growth of sites such as Etsy is a clear indication that shoppers favour less those goods mass produced and are more drawn to those that offer a higher level of quality or personal touch. Etsy is similar to eBay but focuses on providing a platform for those in search of a marketplace that will help them connect with buyers interested in the wares they are selling. It allows sellers to build an online presence and reputation and afford them the ability to operate independently.

At the cost of only $0.20 per listing, Etsy is affordable. Even when you factor in the 3.5% fee deducted on items sold, it still remains affordable for home-based sellers. The growth has allowed Etsy to see revenue surpass a four billion dollars in 2017.

Those selling on Etsy increase their exposure by accessing a global audience of buyers. It has allowed them additional ways of sourcing material as those that supply materials also use Etsy due to its affordability. Combined, this has fueled the growth sites like Etsy has experienced. One notable industry is handmade soap, it has grown from only a few selling their wares, often locally, to thousands and in fact, handmade soap sellers represents five percent of sales on Etsy.

The point of that is not the fact that handmade soap is popular, it is most will never go to those efforts to purchase handmade soap, or to care enough to invest the time and extra cost. The point is sites like Etsy allows sellers in that marketplace to make a living selling small volumes with a loyal customer base.

What to expect in the future

It is apparently clear that this type of marketplace will always have a home online. As more people gain access to the internet in underprivileged countries, those with skills long forgotten will turn to the internet to sell their goods. In many cases, those purchase are contributing to supporting entire villages. With a feel-good side to handmade goods, this is one that will continue to grow.

DIY-Inspired and Handmade Fashion Making a Comeback

There is something about handmade items that increase its worth for many people, and it is what draws people to craft fairs across Canada and the United States each year. The City of Toronto plays host to one of the largest craft fairs in the country every December, and if attendance records are any indication of its popularity, the fair will continue to make a stop in Toronto and generate interest.

This years even saw sixty vendors on hand at more than 4000 people made their way through the bustling hive of activity. The event was held at the Theatre Center and saw vendors selling handmade crafts such as stained-glass jewellery, crocheted items, wooden crafts, ceramic sculptures and more.

The Perfect Combination of Personal Quality

For many who enjoy craft shows and purchasing items, it goes beyond the need for specific items but is more the reflection of meaningful items that are unique and provide a different level of quality and value. It is those very reasons that many who ply their wares at the fair that drove them to open a business and create goods they enjoy making. One of those is Rowena Viloria, who at age 32, decided to return to macramé after leaving for Vancouver, and disheartened by the cost of living in Western Canada, she chose to return to the skills she learned as a child as a source of added revenue. It also gave her an outlet for artistic creation that was affordable. Starting with wall hangings, she found the process therapeutically helpful in a city that is constantly on the go. However, in an ever increasing busy world, many lack the time needed to develop the skills taught to Viloria, but still appreciate the beauty of handmade goods and purchasing them, for many, allows them the opportunity to reconnect to their childhoods or memories of time spent with family.

London Craft Week

The London Craft week is another large event that takes place yearly in the United Kingdom. It includes not only a large variety of vendors but also online sites such as Etsy, a global marketplace retailer that is known for supporting those selling handmade crafts. Etsy has seen rapid growth since its inception growing to almost 2 million sellers and over 31 million buyers. The trends being seen by Etsy is that that homemade crafts and wares allow buyers to purchase items that are custom made, and for those wishing to gift something personal, that is one that is lost in mass-produced items.

Today, there are thousands of companies that fall into that category, and the number is rising yearly as more people look for ways to generate revenue and work from home. This includes many stay-at-home mothers who want to remain active in the workforce but be on hand to raise their children. Many turn to crafts to create clothing items, various items for the home such as furniture, picture frames, art and more. If you have yet to experience a craft show recently, you may wish to do some research and take time to experience the pleasure and simplicity that crafting can bring to your life.