6 stylish hairstyles from New York Fashion Week 2019

Besides clothes and all kinds of jewelry, hair is the very own accessory that every girl owns. So instead of shaping your own style from the first clothes and accessories, why don’t you try with the 6 most fashionable hairstyles of NYFW 2019 to find something new for yourself?

If the F5 hair for girls is usually just around with dyeing,curling big curls, curls, dropping roofs or raising long roofs, a little bit of definite will be needed for you. Stepping out of NYFW, the following hairstyles have a unique and unique personality but still enough simple and easy to apply with the faces of Asian women and many different situations in life.

Sophisticated 70s

Inspired by 70s hairstyles, big wave curly hair is suitable for those slightly long and slender faces. If the Korean roof cheat for you a few more years, then the Western-style turn to the middle will help the daughter look more mature, but also sufficiently youthful. In particular, you can break the way with a simple accessory such as a silk scarf or turban that embraces the upper part of your hair, which is also a way to create a very special accent.


Relaxed Nomad

Inspired by the girls of the 80s, the hair clawed back is very popular with fashion followers because of the new, strange and luxurious. Not as picky as other hair models, hair is combed back to suit different hair lengths, different styles: From bohemian, menswear, old-school to IT girls. All you need is a bit of gel to fix the hair, reverse the front part and let go naturally in the back is enough.


Textured Low Pony

If the straight ponytail makes you look cool, then the ponytail and tangle, intertwining like this are much more romantic and tender. For Asian girls, you can leave natural black hair or deep tones like chocolate brown, light blue or black graphite. Combined with warm lipstick colors like pure red, orange red, red wine or red earth will be a great choice.


Chained Locks

It is also a simple low-tie type but the accessory chain is the highlight, bringing a nail but still very elegant for the owner. Usually this accessory will have a bright color like white, silver, and metallic, so it will stand out with darker hair. You can apply this hairstyle when going to a dinner party or important events that need a sleek, stylish look.


Fresh Natural Waves

For those women who like the simplicity and freedom of their hair, there is nothing like a long-haired model of natural hair. This hairstyle usually only needs a little trim, you can choose whether or not to apply a multi-layer layer.


Natural Texture But Better

The middle-haired curly hair is suitable for those who pursue vintage, classical and feminine styles. This hair sample is not picky in length and is suitable for many facial shapes, instead of turning in the middle, you can trim the roof gently or the rodent roof to click on the overall.


5 best Haute Couture collections 2019, worthy of luxury fashion

Making Haute Couture week of the Spring and Summer season 2019, please point 7 collections to leave the strongest impression.


Karl Lagerfeld – a big fan of the village of Chanel, was tired of fatigue, being one of the most regretful things about Haute Couture week. However, under the magic hand of the silver-haired mogul, the French fad – brought the French Riviera to Paris, turning Grand Palais into are sort, complete with lavish views of Italian villas, palm trees and pool. The upscale life theme of the collection has been reinforced by the curtain: Abrightly colored bridal swimsuit, complete with swimming caps and veils. Extremely luxurious!



With Valentino, Pierpaolo Piccioli made a strong impression using more than 40 black models – including Naomi Campbell, a supermodel who returned to the Italian runway for the first time in 14 years.She broke the long-standing conception of beauty and elegance when performing Haute Couture.

The creative shape and rich colors of the collection seem to prove they were created for the red carpet. Their beauty was enough to make Céline Dion shed tears in the front row.


Clare Waight Keller, the British designer behind the Duchess of Sussex’s wedding dress (Prince Harry’s wife) gave a perfect model of the sophistication of chunks and dress patterns, combining skills of tailors and artisans in garment factories to produce complex structured garments. She surprised the audience with the combination of rubber latex (not usually in couture) and lacquer lace, as well as couture-like details like giant silkbows.


This season, Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen was inspired by the beauty of precious stones and clouds. Highlights include the photo-cut and cloud-like organza of artist Kim Keever; The skirt is shaped like butterflies; and a dress seems to float on the body through a sophisticated optical illusion.


Over the weekend, Olivier Roustrial revealed his first couture collection for Balmain. This is the first Couture set of this brand ondisplay for 16 years.


In fact, Roustrial’s collection includes many white outfits, and the whole collection scores more than a million Swarovski crystals, pearls, stones and beads. Leaving behind the constraints of trade trends and factors, Roustrial commented that Haute Couture allows designers to luxury in a minute and get drunk in an unobstructed creative moment.


Dior built a circus tent in the Musée Rodin garden and invited a group of acrobatic artists to perform while the catwalk performance was taking place.

Maria Grazia Chiuri, creative director, proved a patient and skillful creator and manager by mixing costumes inspired by clowns with red carpet style dresses.

Queen Rania still looks beautiful and excellent on the hard-wearing clothes

Once again, Queen Rania proves her ability to dress smartly, worthy of the Jordan fashion icon.

The United Kingdom has Princess Kate and Meghan, in Jordan, Queen Rania is the model that makes this fashion lover extremely admired.

Queen Rania Al-Yassin was born in 1970, was a marketing officer for an international bank. She married Prince Jordan Abdullah bin Al-Hussein in 1993. When Abdullah was crowned king in 1999, Rania was made Queen of Jordan.


Style of the beautiful Queen always marked by elegance, elegance but still very close, friendly and easy to learn. And yet, the Jordan fashion icon is also known for its ability to mix & match extremely skillfully, can turn popular items look like good brands or recently, from a rather rigid, super hard set. However, Queen Rania has conquered excellently, making her wings become softer and more feminine with only a tiny detail.

During the recent trip to Paris, Queen Rania selected the set of items from Ermanno Scervino’s Spring -Summer 2019 collection, and immediately, the Jordan fashion icon received many words with wings. The online community has a very luxurious and charming appearance and is very stylish.


The most difficult problem of the map set is the blouse made of leather material, which has a glossy effect so it is easy to give people a few kilograms of weight. And with a slender body like a model, conquering the shirt is too easy but on the contrary, if the person possessing a fuller body is a bit more… not sure.


However, Queen Rania still has a super-beautiful difficult outfit of Ermanno Scervino, exuding a softer, more liberal and feminine look than her model. Dissection is more thorough, you will find that Queen Rania has been very skillful to open 2 buttons, not tighten the jackfruit as the model of the company, resulting inthe wings look softer, physique also added The slender part and fashion lover have admired an extraordinarily beautiful wing of Queen of Jordan.

5 serum vials promise to bring beautiful looking skin

Without a skimare skincare process, keep the same basic steps and add more serum to make it easy to get beautiful skin.

1. Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum, $ 22.49

If you want to be close to retinol but are afraid of irritation, this is the product that you should keep an eye on. Thanks to a table of ingredients with added glycerin, this serum serum can both prevent and eliminate wrinkles, stimulate collagen production but still soften and moisturize the skin. Not only that, but even the famous dermatologist Joshua Zeichner in New York also praises and even believes in using the serum of Neutrogena: “The formula for retinol of serum vial has been studied very well and effectively. It is also proven and this is the reason I trust to use this product”.

5 lọ serum giá mềm, hứa hẹn mang đến làn da đẹp như mơ ngay cả khi bạn rút gọn tối đa quy trình skincare mỗi ngày - Ảnh 1.

2. Pixi Overnight Glow Serum, $ 24

While you sleep, the night serum of Pixi Beauty will work at full capacity so that ingredients such as glycolic acid and arginine can fill wrinkles, prevent aging, brighten the skin so you wake up with a radiant appearance. Most brilliant, ruddy. And the important thing is, don’t forget to apply sun screen in the morning to help protect your skin, anti-aging so that every skincare effort is not meaningless.

5 lọ serum giá mềm, hứa hẹn mang đến làn da đẹp như mơ ngay cả khi bạn rút gọn tối đa quy trình skincare mỗi ngày - Ảnh 2.

3. Neutrogena Hydroboost Hydrating Serum, $ 22.99

A few drops of Neutrogena’s clear serum are like a cool glass of fresh water for your skin to thirst, this product immediately moisturizes, turning the rough skin into a smooth, smooth texture thanks to Star components are pure HA. This serum bottle is also very benign with a colorless, odorless, very fast-absorbing formula that is ideal even in summer.

5 lọ serum giá mềm, hứa hẹn mang đến làn da đẹp như mơ ngay cả khi bạn rút gọn tối đa quy trình skincare mỗi ngày - Ảnh 3.

4. RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Anti-Aging Retinol Night Cream, $ 14.51

If you still believe that only expensive products can improve ugly, deep wrinkles on your face, after you get along with this cream, you will have to think again. Some users shared that after about 3-4 months of hard work, the following wrinkles were reduced, the skin was healthy and fresh for a few years thanks to the retinol component in the cream jar. Besides, the formula containing zinc also helps a lot for your skin when acne. Finally, this is a very rare product that contains retinol that you can apply in the morning so consider using it once!

5 lọ serum giá mềm, hứa hẹn mang đến làn da đẹp như mơ ngay cả khi bạn rút gọn tối đa quy trình skincare mỗi ngày - Ảnh 4.

5. No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action Serum, $ 33.99

This serum pack can simultaneously remove wrinkles, firmness and lift the skin tone to be clear and bright; all thanks to a formula with extremely expensive ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000 Plus, peptide, HA or red artichoke flower. No7’s serum is hardened every day in the morning and evening, before using moisturizer, soon you will see improved skin, wrinkles filled, plump and radiant skin be brighter.

5 lọ serum giá mềm, hứa hẹn mang đến làn da đẹp như mơ ngay cả khi bạn rút gọn tối đa quy trình skincare mỗi ngày - Ảnh 5.

Players and interesting watches hobby

Richard Mille, Hublot, … these are two of the most popular brands that stars in the football village really love at the moment.

Have you ever had to admire when you see the beautiful watches on the hands of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Sergio Ramos? Have you ever wondered how much of a hundred thousand pounds a week will they spend on fun playing this billion-dollar watch? And if you only know each Rolex or Omega, then condolences, your knowledge of expensive watches is only at… elementary level.

1. James Rodriguez – Hublot

The recent summer 2018 Colombian midfielder in Russia was caught carrying the Hublot in the name of The Spirit of Big Bang, the black color.

2.  Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Rolex

European veteran striker chose Rolex as his favorite brand. Old people of Manchester United and PSG own almost all the lines of this world-famous watch company.

3. Toni Kroos – Audemars Piguet

German midfielder Toni Kroos chose Audemars Piguet as his favorite brand. The watch Kroos is wearing is the Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph – one of the AP’s most user-friendly lines, which costs only $30,000.

4.  Lionel Messi – Audemars Piguet

Lionel Messi was chosen by the cult brand Audemars Piguet as a brand ambassador and created his own product line. The Argentine striker has three different product lines named Leo Messi, which is limited to$ 30,000 to over $ 80,000, with only 1,000 produced worldwide in 2012.

5. Mohamed Salah – Urwerk

Urwerk – the name may have been quite strange compared to other popular brands, but it certainly could not make Mohamed Salah fall into the crowd.

The brand is only 20 years old that is competing fiercely with the men thanks to its unique pit and design. The Urwerk UR-105 CT Streamliner of the striker playing for Liverpool costs £70,000.

6. Sergio Ramos – Patek Philippe

Real Madrid star midfielder chose the brand Patek Philippe – the famous luxury Swiss watch maker that was born in 1839. Frequently seen on the hands of Spanish captain Sergio Ramos is a Patek Nautilus watch that costs around $ 70,000.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo – Richard Mille

As one of the most expensive players on the planet, ofcourse, Ronaldo’s choice is not medium. Was once Tag Heuer’s ambassador or Jacob & Co, but one of Ronaldo ‘most terrible’ watches had to be Richard Mille. When the Juventus fans were released in the summer of 2018, the Portuguese striker had a face with Richard Mille’s RM030 line. The value of this extremely sophisticated watch is up to $135,000.

Referring to Richard Mille, the sophisticated world is probably no stranger to the grandiose of this Swiss watch brand. Postpartum birth late when born at the end of the previous century (1999), but not so that RM proved inferior when acquiring the most skilled characters of sports and entertainment villages to represent themselves in which Rafael Nadal, …

8. Jose Mourinho – Hublot

Jose Mourinho is the only coach in the world currently selected by the famous brand Hublot.

“Special People” often appear in press conferences with various Hublot models. But the most advanced one must definitely mention the Hublot Big Bang King Power with the version usually up to $ 25,000, while the 18k gold version is priced at more than $200,000.

10 Kpop goddesses are very attracted to pink hair

Light-colored hair, especially colors like bright red or bright pink, are popular spots that can be seen frequently in femaleidols today and in the past.

However, if these colors are combined with Kpop idols, it is not only inappropriate but also adds to the mischievous features and characteristics of each face.

 1. Kang Daniel (Wanna One)

Coming out of the live program “Produce101” season 2 and topping the poll of becoming a member of Wanna One, Kang Daniel is currently one of the hottest Kpop idols not only because of his looks. handsome but also has an amazing ability to dance B-boy. Most viewers of”Produce 101″ season 2 were impressed by this extremely striking pink hair of the guy, which made the “national center” even more masculine and attractive on stage.

2. G-Dragon (Big Bang)

As one of the artists who always appear with a lot of different heads, surely pink is indispensable in the list of outstanding hair colors of the guy. With a fashion style that lends itself to the extremely professional performance stage on stage, GD’s bright hair color is a highlight for a great artist from music to his real life.

3. Jinwoo (Winner)

Many fans were surprised when Jinwoo dyed his hairlight like this. However, the hair color does not make the guy stand out, but also highlights the white skin and the features on Jinwoo’s face.

4. Taemin (SHINee)

Taemin made fans lose their heart when deciding to try pink hair for a group comeback. This is the hair color that makes the boy look radiant and more attractive than some other hair that Taemin has tried.

5. Chanyeol (EXO)

From gray to bright pink, no one can deny that Chanyeol is one of the extremely goddesses that suits this feminine hair color.The big round eyes and the angular lines of the face made pink hair the ideal choice of the guy in attracting fans.

6. Zico (Block B)

The idea that pink is female is now extremely wrong when applied to Kpop gods, especially Zico. With a rapper’s style, Zico has a unique and harmonious combination of his own style with this bright hair color.

7. Jimin (BTS)

Fans believe that what they noticed after Jimin’s eye makeup is this guy’s hair color. Combined with outstanding performance costumes, Jimin has made the audience “stand down” by a personality, unique and charming guy.

8. Baekhyun (EXO)

It seems that Baekhyun is one of EXO’s members “most willing to play” when he tried many different bright hair colors and this is the pink hair that he has conquered. Indeed with this haircolor, Baekhyun looks much cuter and friendly, sometimes extremely adorable when smiling like this.

9. Sunghoon (SECHSKIES)

With the time of operation from 1990 until now, Sunghoon looks extremely youthful and masculine when he “saws horns” with this bright pink hair color. He was also called by his beloved fans “the first pink uncle”.

10. Kikwang (Highlight)

Highlighted by many fan favorite styles in Korea, Kikwang is always in the top of male idols possessing extremely attractive beauty, even when combined with any hair color. White porcelain skin combined with pink hair made Kikwang look more rebellious and personality than ever.

5 Fashion Brands Toss Out The Collection To Celebrate The 2018 World Cup

2018 World Cup fashion is the race of names such as NIKE, adidas and Louis Vuitton, …

Starting on June 14th, the whole world will start eating, sleeping, breathing with the World Cup. This is also a great time for fashion brands to launch collections prepared for the biggest football festival in the world.

1. Adidas Heritage World Cup Collection

world cup 2018 elle man 1

Recently, Adidas decided to renew the Adidas Heritage World Cup collection to once again celebrate the 2018 World Cup. With the colors from teams: Spain, Germany, Russia, Argentina, Belgium, … This collection will definitely recall the memorable memories of past World Cups, as well as being ready to welcome a new season. Veteran football fans will probably be interested in the design inspired by the shirt of Russian football legend Oleg Protasov, or the once German football captain Lothar Matthaus.

2. Nike x Off-White World Cup collection

world cup 2018 elle man 6

The combination of NIKE and Off-White for the 2018 World Cup has been announced since the beginning of January and made fans of the two brands more eager than ever. And then at the end of last May, the official images of the collection were posted by defender Jerome Boateng. The collection includes sneakers for t-shirts, jackets, shorts, gloves and balls. Nike x Off-White World Cup collection wilL be officially launched on June 14, at the same time of the opening of the World Cup this time.

3. Louis Vuitton 2018 FIFA World Cup Collection

Louis Vuitton has been cooperating with FIFA since 2010 and launched bags and suitcases based on the inspiration of the tournament. Following the success, this World Cup season, Louis Vuitton launches a complete collection of premium leather.


With designs inspired by round balls, handbags and suitcases in this Louis Vuitton collection are made up of black and white or multi colored hexagons. The hexagon represents the balls and the colors of the collection are the colors of the competing teams. In addition, luggage tags on suitcases are also designed according to the flag colors of the countries.

4. Fred Perry

Fred Perry is a fashion company with a long history of British history when it was established in 1952. This 2018 World Cup season, Fred Perry gives the boys more elegant choices. Not the dynamic sportswear sets, but the elegant polo shirts that gentlemen can wear to the pub to watch football and chat together. 10 models of Fred Perry with 10 colors and symbols of 10 different teams.

5. Umbro Project Summer 2018

world cup 2018 elle man q

Nike’s subsidiary, Umbro, is also not out of the 2018 World Cup trend. It is also the football outfit with lightweight fabrics and colors that symbolize the participating teams, the special point of Umbro. are British stripes – the homeland of this fashion brand.

Princess Kate’s Sister Wears A Bikini Showing Off Her Abdominal Muscles

Pippa Middleton has just given birth for more than 3 months and regained her sexy slim figure, even seeing her toned abdominal muscles.

Not only did Princess Kate, her sister, Pippa Middleton, overwhelm the public with her ability to regain her postpartum physique. The younger sister of Kate Middleton gave birth in October 2018, until now it has been more than 3 months, but she has appeared with a very slim and slender physique.

Em gái Công nÆ°Æ¡ng Kate mặc bikini khoe cÆ¡ bụng săn chắc khi vừa sinh con được 13 tuần - Ảnh 1.

At the end of last December, Pippa Middleton surprised her physique after 2 months of giving birth. At this time, the mother of milk has obtained a slim and slender body. She confidently wore white shirts and simple, neat jeans. However, the identity of Pippa Middleton seems quite tired.

Confident milk mother shows her slender legs and slim physique after giving birth for 3 months. Unlike the appearance at the end of December, this time Pippa Middleton is radiantly bright and full of vitality with the image of a beautiful, sweet, milky mother.

Em gái Công nương Kate mặc bikini khoe cơ bụng săn chắc khi vừa sinh con được 13 tuần - Ảnh 2.

But that’s not all for Pippa Middleton’s most recent appearance. Not merely the comfortable, youthful outfits, Princess Kate’s sister showed off a sexy, hot postpartum physique without any extra fat in a bold bikini. I can’t imagine this is the shape of a milk-loving mother who has just given birth for 13 weeks.

Pippa Middleton has just given birth for more than 3 months and regained her sexy slim figure, even seeing her toned abdominal muscles.

Em gái Công nương Kate mặc bikini khoe cơ bụng săn chắc khi vừa sinh con được 13 tuần - Ảnh 3.

From the time of youth, Pippa Middleton impressed with her neat and well-proportioned physique and elegant and elegant fashion style that is not inferior to his princess’s sister. During the election, even when the belly was over her face, she still kept a neat shape. Along with that exquisite fashion sense, Pippa Middleton is one of the most elegant pregnant women in 2018. Looking back at some pictures of Pippa Middleton over the past 9 months of pregnancy.

Kate Middleton Dressed Like A Princess When She Was A Child

On Princess Kate’s birthday this year, some photos of her in the birthday parties in the past, before stepping into the Royal family were “dug” by fashion followers.

On January 9, 2009 marked the birthday of 37-year-old Princess Kate Middleton. Every year on this day, Kate hosts a cozy small party with family and friends at Kensington Palace. Due to the private nature of the party, there is no image to be outside and thus people have never admired the beautiful Princess’s fashion style on this special day, only guessing that she must will wear a dress that is elegant and feminine like the usual picture.

Thời trang sinh nhật của Kate Middleton trong quá khứ: từ khi còn là thường dân đã ăn vận như một Công nương - Ảnh 1.

On Princess Kate’s birthday this year, some photos of her inthe birthday parties in the past, before stepping into the Royal family were “dug” by fashion followers. These images reveal very interesting details about Kate’s fashion style while still being a “commoner”.

Thời trang sinh nhật của Kate Middleton trong quá khứ: từ khi còn là thường dân đã ăn vận như một Công nương - Ảnh 2.

In 2007, on the 25th birthday, Kate was photographed by the hunting wing on the street with a simple style but still very trendy at that time. She wears dresses with black blazer and suede leather boots. This set is not much different from the elegant style Kate created later, when she became Princess, only “rebellious” in the way of combining transparent black tights with high-neck boots.

Thời trang sinh nhật của Kate Middleton trong quá khứ: từ khi còn là thường dân đã ăn vận như một Công nương - Ảnh 3.

On the 26th birthday then a year, Kate was photographed while preparing to “walk” with sister Pippa Middleton. Interestingly, at that time, she had never returned to be a Royal Bride, but showed the standard fashion of a Princess with a gown, skirt, high heels and not forgetting the leather pants. foot. This is the recipe that she represents alot later in the position of Princess and is considered her typical style.

Công nương Kate Middleton (trái) và Công nương Meghan Markle. Ảnh: Mirror.

According to UFO No More, Princess Kate Middleton spent the last year on fewer clothes due to several months of maternity leave, no public appearances. Kate has cut her dress cost by more than 40% to $ 91,000. In addition,mothers of three children also have the habit of repurposing old clothes. Princess Sussex Meghan Markle, wife of Prince Harry, last year spent 427,927 pounds (about 545,000 USD) to buy gowns, nearly 6 times more than sister-in-law Kate Middleton, New Zealand Herald on January 6 with information UFO site specializing in tracking the fashion of European royal members.

How Fashion Of Female K-Pop Stars In MV In The Year 2019 Will Be Like?

In 2019, according to many predictions the female K-Pop stars will change the image more modern personality, combined with the many international fashion brands.

Black Pink is the most popular girl music band in South Korea. In addition to the music, the girls also impressed with gout dress different. In 2018, the group was impressed with the young MV Ddu Ddu Ddu glamorous personality traits are blended nicely. The outfits in the music product match the character and image of each member, convey a message about the power of women’s rights, the modern woman.

Thoi trang cac sao nu K-Pop trong MV nam 2019 se nhu the nao? hinh anh 1

As many predicted, the year 2019 the girls of YG family will take image orientation in general, for each theme in the music products. They can be like 2NE1 style building in Falling In Love. Each outfit comes from the famous brand, but still showing the uniform through the mix and match.

Opened in 2018, the other with audience attention in MV Heroine. She brings a charming, youthful image through unique musical thinking of the same dramatic fashion. Sunmi has promoted animal motifs trends along with the sexy cut-out in shape in the year 2018. In addition, the beautiful people also impressed with these eye catching costume color scheme on each frame.

Thoi trang cac sao nu K-Pop trong MV nam 2019 se nhu the nao? hinh anh 3

In 2019, Sunmi still pursues the image of a charming woman, but expressed more feminist substance. The reason comes from the singer became the representative face of Dior in the Korean market. The image of beautiful people will come closer to the public and the French brand’s costumes are sure to appear more in the music products.

Thoi trang cac sao nu K-Pop trong MV nam 2019 se nhu the nao? hinh anh 4

Back to the ring of K-Pop 2018, Oh!GG (former member of SNSD) to impress the public by MV Lil ‘Touch brings the tune caught the ear of the other, strange. The style of music products also expresses the mature, sexy looks of each member. According to the share of the group, Lil ‘ Touch is full of exquisite fashion statement of each member. In 2019, the girls will still assert individuality through the gout mix and match. According to the much anticipated, Oh!GG will geared to a more powerful image with menswear stylish, blended the exquisite and sensual.

Thoi trang cac sao nu K-Pop trong MV nam 2019 se nhu the nao? hinh anh 5

In the year 2018, Red Velvet was back with the MV Bad Boy fill looks personality, fascinating. This was viewed as the product of music marked the makeover of the members, with the iconic glamor and daring. Throughout the Bad Boy is the appearance of many designer shorts, crop-top coat, leather leggings. In the year 2019, the members will continue to pursue the iconic glamor and daring, let go of the original feminine. Dress of each member still carrying the general color, according to the theme of the music, but will use more international brand.

Thoi trang cac sao nu K-Pop trong MV nam 2019 se nhu the nao? hinh anh 6

In 2018, the MV YES or YES marked the change of Twice, through stylish, colorful personality. The year 2019, with the careful investment of JYP, many people predict that Twice will pursue the fashionable female group images, in these dresses for tall fit preferences, tastes of the audience. The design also came from the prestigious fashion houses such as Versace, Prada, Moschino…