How to Make Your Own DIY Pillow Case

DIY homemade crafts are becoming more and more popular. However, some people stray away from these crafts due to having uncertainties if they have the skills to even make these crafts. If you follow the simplified instructions below, you will be able to make your own DIY pillow case in a matter of 30 minutes!

After a while, your old pillow covers will need an upgraded touch of style, which can be easily completed without having to do any tedious sewing at all!
Materials Needed for Your DIY Pillow Case. All products can be found in stores as well on online, such as Amazon where you can find all these items at reasonable prices.

• Any fabric of your choosing (60” preferably)
• Iron on tape (I recommend using Heat’n Bond)
• Scissors
• An iron
• Burlap (1.5 yards – For extra security with the burlap, it is recommended that you use a liquid seam sealant, like Fray Check )

Step 1: Preparing Your Fabric

Firstly, you should lay the pillow you intend on using flat on your selected fabric. You should be using your pillow as a template for the pillowcase. The rule of thumb is to leave enough fabric, so it will easily be able to combine with the burlap. Furthermore, you should leave an extra inch so that you will have enough space for the seams. Once you have everything measured, you can finally cut the fabric and burlap and start on step 2.

Step 2: Pick up The Iron on Tape

We know sewing is not everyone’s forte, which is why iron on tape will be the sturdiest substitute for your own DIY pillowcase. Before using the iron on tape, we have one key tip to ensure that tape will stick and be durable.

• Pre-wash the fabric in cold water and dry it using a normal dryer setting. Please avoid using any fabric softeners
When using the iron on tape, please be sure to:
• Avoid overheating the tape with the iron
• Avoid ironing over the plastic instruction sheet
• Do not try to add additional sewing; it won’t make the iron on tape any stronger. It might have the opposite effect
• Remember that it is machine washable, but only wash on the delicate washing setting

Step 3: Start Warming up Your Iron

Double check and ensure that the correct sides of the fabrics are facing together (the side that has the designs) and place the iron on tape around the edges of the fabrics. Then, press the iron against the tape and hold until the tape becomes gooey. Once this is finished, wait around 5 minutes before pulling on the seams to check if its properly stuck together.

Remember, never iron directly on the tape, instead, just iron over the fabric to heat it up. Once the two pieces are joined, you will have a perfect seam – just without the extra sewing!

Step 4: Have an Opening

While it might be obvious, make sure that you leave an opening so that you can slide your pillow into the pillowcase! The best way to di this is by slowly squeezing and pushing your pillow into the DIY case to avoid any mishaps or breakage.

Step 5: Finally Seal the Pillow Up

Once you have the pillow set in the pillowcase, you should seal up the opening to avoid the pillow from slipping out. To do this: use the iron on tape on the opening and follow the same instructions as listed in step 3. Then gently pull on the pillowcase to make sure it has been properly sealed.

And voila! You have a DIY pillowcase that can be properly used! Remember, this DIY project can be fun to do by yourself, or with family! It’s a fun way to spice up your pillows at home without having to constantly search store after store for a pillowcase you enjoy. It’s safe, easy, simple, and fun – plus you won’t have to worry about sewing correctly or anything. So, we recommend that you give our DIY pillowcase a try.

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