Empowering Women Collection benefiting

The Pillowcase Project.

Allie & Orietta are eager to invite you to be part of something bigger than ourselves!

Be part of a movement of Women Empowering Women in rural Kenya!

We’ve created a 10 piece collection of hand-knotted freshwater pearls and authentic crystals bracelets.

Whether you like classic or trendy colors and looks, in this collection you will be able to select from a variety of both!

Three strands of pure elegance!

This bracelet is perfectly coordinated in clear, grey, and black crystals with freshwater pearls.

We named this bracelet after Eunice, she is our Director in Kenya, and she has taken the responsibility of teaching the women in her village how to sew the pillowcase dresses, make sure they have their licenses up to date, takes care of the children who are orphans, and with her husband (George), they run their local church.


Double Strand of Pearls and Crystals.

This bracelet was named after Janet, Eunice’s daughter. Amethyst is a pure and feminine color that every little girl loves!

In this bracelet, you will find two strands of perfectly balanced freshwater pearls and amethyst color crystals.

You can find the double strand bracelet in 6 different colors:

  • Pink and Pearls (Mama George)
  • Peridot and Pearls(Mama George)
  • Aquamarine and Pearls Earrings/Bracelet (Anjech Gift Set)
  • Clear and Pearls (Monica)
  • Black and Pearls (Salome)
  • Amethyst and Pearls (Janet)

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amethyst bracelet

pearl and crystal bracelet











Simplicity At Its Best

If you are the type of lady who prefers to wear dainty jewelry, the single strand bracelets are for you!

We named the champagne and pearl bracelet after Mary, she is one of the ladies in the village who started working with Eunice and now she knows how to sew the pillowcase dresses and skirts to sell in their local market.

You can find the single strand bracelet in 4 different colors:

  • Champagne and Pearls (Mary)
  • Navy Blue and Pearls (Ruth)
  • Kenya Flag Colors and Pearls (Kenya Love)
  • Yellow, Black, Clear & Pearls (The Pillowcase Project – TPP)

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About The Pillowcase Project –

The Pillowcase Project is a national non-profit organization that helps women in rural Kenya by providing the necessary tools to help them improve their quality of life, by teaching them how to sew and sell their handmade products in their local markets.

Because of this new skill, the women have been able to afford vaccines for the children in the village, school supplies, as well as being able to cover other basic needs.

The Pillowcase Project started when its Founder, Michelle Campbell, traveled to the Anjech village; there she met Eunice, the pastor’s wife.  Eunice was eager to help her village, and thanks to the donations of pillowcases Michelle brought from the USA, Eunice learned to sew pillowcase dresses. Later, she started teaching the other ladies in the village, and now most of them know how to sew.

The resources these ladies have are very limited, in fact, they don’t have electricity or water, they are still working under sub-part conditions. That’s the reason why we decided to help them by creating this brand new collection.

Join us in our efforts to help other women who are working hard to provide for their families in hopes for a better tomorrow!