DIY-Inspired and Handmade Fashion Making a Comeback

There is something about handmade items that increase its worth for many people, and it is what draws people to craft fairs across Canada and the United States each year. The City of Toronto plays host to one of the largest craft fairs in the country every December, and if attendance records are any indication of its popularity, the fair will continue to make a stop in Toronto and generate interest.

This years even saw sixty vendors on hand at more than 4000 people made their way through the bustling hive of activity. The event was held at the Theatre Center and saw vendors selling handmade crafts such as stained-glass jewellery, crocheted items, wooden crafts, ceramic sculptures and more.

The Perfect Combination of Personal Quality

For many who enjoy craft shows and purchasing items, it goes beyond the need for specific items but is more the reflection of meaningful items that are unique and provide a different level of quality and value. It is those very reasons that many who ply their wares at the fair that drove them to open a business and create goods they enjoy making. One of those is Rowena Viloria, who at age 32, decided to return to macramé after leaving for Vancouver, and disheartened by the cost of living in Western Canada, she chose to return to the skills she learned as a child as a source of added revenue. It also gave her an outlet for artistic creation that was affordable. Starting with wall hangings, she found the process therapeutically helpful in a city that is constantly on the go. However, in an ever increasing busy world, many lack the time needed to develop the skills taught to Viloria, but still appreciate the beauty of handmade goods and purchasing them, for many, allows them the opportunity to reconnect to their childhoods or memories of time spent with family.

London Craft Week

The London Craft week is another large event that takes place yearly in the United Kingdom. It includes not only a large variety of vendors but also online sites such as Etsy, a global marketplace retailer that is known for supporting those selling handmade crafts. Etsy has seen rapid growth since its inception growing to almost 2 million sellers and over 31 million buyers. The trends being seen by Etsy is that that homemade crafts and wares allow buyers to purchase items that are custom made, and for those wishing to gift something personal, that is one that is lost in mass-produced items.

Today, there are thousands of companies that fall into that category, and the number is rising yearly as more people look for ways to generate revenue and work from home. This includes many stay-at-home mothers who want to remain active in the workforce but be on hand to raise their children. Many turn to crafts to create clothing items, various items for the home such as furniture, picture frames, art and more. If you have yet to experience a craft show recently, you may wish to do some research and take time to experience the pleasure and simplicity that crafting can bring to your life.

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