About Us


The jewelry and accessories you wear are a form of expression.

These pieces are made to show your unique personality, create memories, and leave a legacy.

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by. We are Alejandra Pikulski and Orietta Martinez, the designers behind the brand Allie & Orietta – Handmade Modern Classic Accessories.

I’m Allie Pikulski, you are probably asking the same questions many people ask us; how did you girls meet? and why did you start working together?

Well, I met Orietta nineteen years ago! Yes! Can you believe that?


Our Story

Orietta and I became good friends, we loved talking about our love for design and about all the new techniques we learned from reading different magazines and watching videos. We always tried to take the time to get together, but between jobs, kids, husbands, and just life in general, we could never find the time.

For years I worked in the mortgage industry and Orietta was responsible for keeping records of the financial affairs for a small business. Even though we were successful in our careers, we were not fulfilling our God giving gift and calling for our lives.

I’ve always loved fashion and I love creating stylish pieces since I was a little girl, so, in the pursuit of following that dream, I opened Alejandra’s Jewelry Design in 2006 while still working in the mortgage industry.

However, during the 2009 recession the mortgage industry was hit the hardest, and in the process, I lost my job, my home, and all of my savings.

Needless to say, it was a very stressful time in my life, especially because I was a divorced mother of a beautiful young girl.

Also, during that time, Orietta experienced several life-changing events that made her realize life was too short to not do what you love and fulfill your God given gift in life.

After experiencing strong hardships in our lives, we discovered that entrepreneurial spirit was still alive! That’s when we decided to join forces and re-brand Alejandra’s Jewelry Designs; and in 2015, Allie & Orietta, Handmade Modern Classic Accessories was born.

 Our Core Values

Orietta and I also understand the power of giving back; as two Moms with a desire to help other women, we have partnered with The Pillowcase Project, a not-for-profit organization that empowers women in Kenya to start their own micro-business.

As a customer, you are also a philanthropist, because a percentage of all proceeds is dedicated to this cause.

Even though Orietta and I met when we were adults, we discovered we had similar fondly memories about jewelry and fashion. We both remember playing with our Mother and Grandmother’s jewelry boxes and we enjoyed finding out the stories behind those pieces.

We found we share the same feeling when family members will give us a pendant, earrings, bracelet, or any other unique accessory that would complement our outfit. Those pieces still have a strong sentimental value to us.

Our Inspiration

Since we were young girls, we used accessories as a fun way to express our unique personality, and you can clearly see that in our designs. We are inspired by nature, colors, textures, and special moments we share with other women we know.

We love using semi-precious stones in our handmade jewelry because of its uniqueness. It doesn’t matter if the stones are similar in color and shape on the outside, they will never be exactly the same. When looking at each stone individually, you can see the different designs nature created inside each one of them; no stone is alike!

Since our accessories are handmade, slight differences are always expected. Just like us women, on the outside we all “look alike”, but when we take the time to look closely and deep, we see how unique we are.

Wouldn’t you love wearing an accessory that helps you show your unique style?

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And remember Chica, we’ve got your style!

XOXO – Allie and Orietta.