3 items to help you get more stylish in winter

No need to buy too many clothes, you should invest in 3 items like Camille Charriere to look more fashionable.

Speaking of style of dress, French women are often appreciated. Whether they are glamorous in the fall or prefer high fashion in winter, they all exude a sense of style.

In general, they often choose simple clothes with high applicability, no fussy or complex layers, according to QQ. Camille Charriere – famous fashion blogger with one million followers – is the best testament to this.

Despite being a fashionista, Camille does not blindly pursue trends. Instead, she chooses classic designs that match her personality. Blazer, long jacket and jeans are the three items that accompany her in winter.

1. Blazer

Blazers are considered classic items to be in the winter wardrobe of French girls. It also appeared in many photos by Camille Charriere.

A specially designed black shirt can help women coordinate many styles. Try pairing with plain white shirt and jeans. This formula will make you look stronger and more personality. In addition, the luxurious caro motif design will also work in creating a less gloomy atmosphere in the cold season.

At times, Camille Charriere showed ingenuity and rebellion in British style. Beige Blazer is arranged on a cardigan knitted with the same color to create a liberal look. The stand-up jeans with lacerations contribute to a youthful look.

You should also consider a leather blazer as it creates material contrast. The combination with black boots to the pillow will bring a stylish and stylish look.

2. Long-sleeved jacket

Like a hobby with blazers, Camille Charriere prefers classic bras with basic colors like black, white or gray. The combination with a white shirt, high-waisted jeans brings a full of temperament.

In addition to French retro jeans, wide-legged pants are also an ideal choice to match with a long shirt. However, you should pay attention to choose pants with a moderate width or with striped, ruffled patterns to avoid looking fatter.

Instead of wearing many accessories or mixing colors, Camille Charriere made her stand out with a white coat and a simple black dress. Everything is just right and brings elegance to her.

3. Jeans

Tall leggings are often popular because they can help conceal your waist. It can be easily worn with a stylish look whether combined with a blazer, or windbreaker.

If wearing a life jacket, the jeans fit the legs easily create a feeling of reducing the bulge of the upper part. In addition, when wearing jeans, you need to choose suitable shoes such as knee or ankle-high boots to show off.

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