How To Become a Fashion Designer

Interested in becoming a successful fashion designer? Well, if you spent your adolescent years reading Vogue, watching ‘Project Runway’, and visiting several fashion blogs, you might be harbouring a need to follow in the footsteps of a major fashion icon such as Versace. However, do you truly have what it takes to be successful in the field?

Most young women and girls dream of becoming a successful fashion designer, but that doesn’t mean that they are cut out for the work involved. It’s for this reason that we included the top skills required to make it in the world of fashion.

Highly Artistic and Creative

Do you see yourself as an artistic person? Do you appreciate music and fine arts or have a unique sense of style? A sense of creativity is extremely vital in the world of fashion. Your imagination and artistry is a brilliant combination that you’ll need to transform raw materials into a gorgeous finished product.

Solid Drawing Skills

Do you enjoy drawing? If so, you’re in luck as you’ll need this skill if you want to become a fashion designer. Solid drawing skills is a must-have in the world of fashion as designers are required to take a concept and draw it out on paper. Should you lack in this department, there are always classes available to improve your drawing skills.

Excellent Eye for Detail

Fashion designers don’t only need fantastic drawing skills, but also need an excellent eye for detail. For instance, how do you envision a blouse settling at the waist or pleats falling on a skirt? What about embroidery, ruffles, or ruching? It’s usually the detailing that makes a product stand out, so this important skill cannot be avoided, even if you consider yourself to be an expert at drawing and visualising.

Understanding Fabric, Colour, and Texture

There’s no doubt that fashion designers need a good sense of fabric, colour, and texture. For instance, you’ll need to have a good understanding on whether a garment is best suited in silk chiffon or perhaps another material option. You’ll also need to understand which colour combinations will be best suited for a piece of material. It’s this that separates a world-class fashion designer from the rest.

Solid Visualization Skills

Before the drawing phase, a great fashion designer needs solid visualisation skills. This allows you to transform ideas onto paper and give your co-workers a good sense of what you are aiming for as the final product.

Excellent Interpersonal & Communication Skills

Designing accessories, clothing, and footwear will require loads of collaboration with co-workers. It will also require fantastic people skills on your part. This will ensure your team is motivated and will enable you to share your vision with your co-workers.

A Good Business Sense

A clear understanding of the business world, such as marketing, sales, and finance, is vital in becoming a successful fashion designer. The essence of fashion is creativity, but without a clear understanding of business, it will be extremely difficult to create a profitable fashion brand.


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